Our Premium Slim Photocard Sleeves are made to protect your collection. 

✨ They’re thick - 100 microns 
✨ No PVC, acid free and archival safe
✨ Perfect fit 
✨ Contains 50 sleeves per pack (except orange version)



Purple Version

For standard photocards measuring 54 - 55mm

Pink Version

For double sleeving; Twice POBs or pcs measuring 58 x 88mm

Blue Version

For Monsta X pcs, Ateez Japanese pcs, Pokémon cards and other pcs measuring 62 x 88mm

Yellow Version

For mini tour pcs or other pcs measuring 70 x 100mm

Green Version

For postcards measuring 100 x 150mm

Black Version For smaller postcards measuring 80 x 120mm
Orange Version For BTS Skool Luv Affair pcs or other inclusions measuring 70 x 160mm